April 2006

Make terminal path shortcuts in OS X by editing your .bash_profile file [solved]

I found MAMP’s command line mysql application in this path:
On most linux environments I’m used to just typing mysql to launch mysql, but OS X doesn’t have a native mysql application. If you’re running OS X 10.3+, you’re probably using a bash shell, and you can create/edit this file to make paths to your favorite apps:
Write this line of code to create a shortcut to mysql:
export PATH=/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin:$PATH

Save and close and reopen your terminal window, and you’re all set!

Run live and developer Apache, PHP and mySQL in OS X using Entropy & MAMP: Solved

Installing Apache is as easy as going to your system preferences, clicking on Sharing, clicking on Personal Web Sharing, and clicking on ‘Start’. Are you kidding?? Installing apache is that easy? Holy crap!
Then if you put files in your ~/Sites/ folder, you can view them by going to, where yourusername is your short login name. Wow, that was easy!
Because verizon was blocking port 80 on my DSL, I changed the port number easily:
Edit /etc/httpd/httpd.conf and edit this line:
# Port: The port to which the standalone server listens. For
# ports < 1023, you will need httpd to be run as root initially. # Port 80 Change it to 8080 or whatever you want. You may need to forward this port on your router as well. For PHP, you could use Apple's default PHP by uncommenting some lines in your config files, but I'd recommend using entropy: http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/php/ You can download and install PHP 4 and/or PHP 5 by downloading the dmg and double clicking the package. Sweet! Finally, let's install a private Apache, PHP and mySQL server for a private testing environment. Download MAMP: http://mamp.info Drag the application into your Applications folder, and double click on MAMP. Holy crap, it's running! Files for your testing environment go into your /Applications/MAMP/htdocs folder. You can view those files by going to http://localhost:8888/. Apache is running on default port 8888, and mysql is running on default port 8889. You can switch between PHP 4 and PHP 5 with a click of a radio button. The servers will run as long as you have the application running, or you can have them keep running when you close it. Amazing!

Convert RealVideo .rm, Windows Media .wmv, youtube and google video Flash .flv files in OSX easily [solved]

I was pretty happy when ffmpegX could drag-and-drop convert my favorite DIVX, XVID, quicktime, VCDs, and other movie formats.
I got happier once I found out ffmpegX could play my favorite jackie chan movies with an imported subtitle file.
I was delighted to find out that with a combo of some firefox greasemonkey scripts, I could download flash video files from youtube and google video and convert them to whatever I format I want for editing later (imagine the video mashup possibilities!). (Use the mencoder codec, not the ffmpeg encoder, to successfully convert them.)
And I was just THRILLED to find out that ffmpegX can indeed convert my realvideo files, too! Looks like it can do some .wmv files too.
I cursed the day I chose to publish my videos for the web in realmedia format, only to watch real’s popularity decline and lose my original files and find out how hard (I thought) it was to decode my video from its locked .rm format. Drag and Dropping into the latest version of ffmpegX didn’t work at first, even though everything I’d read on the web said it should. Then I found this little goody on the ffmpegX downloads page:

If you want to encode from RealVideo sources with the mencoder engine, you should also install the reallibs package for ffmpegX 0.0.9u. This package is now optional because of its additional install complexity. First go on the Helix distribution page by clicking this link. From the list of builds you should select the latest “macos-gcc3-pb” / “All clients” link.

Aha! I had dug through their documentation and howto’s page looking for info but hadn’t thought to scroll down on their downloads page. Their conversion takes a special addition from Real’s open source Helix player library to work. The macos-gcc3-pb link they mentioned isn’t listed anymore, but they have a link that works, you just download it and copy the reallib folder to your /Library/Application Support/ffmpegX folder and you’re done!

Can ffmpegX do anything? Yes it can. Would I vote for it for president? Yes I would. Is it going in my dock? Yes it is. Am I going to pay the $15 registration fee, since it’s open source shareware and displays a reminder but doesn’t ever disable any of its functions, which is really nice of them? Yes I am.

Thank you ffmpegX!

Crappy Microsoft Update makes Internet Explorer Stop Resolving Domains without http:// : Solved

It’s always a tenuous decision whether or not to apply Microsoft’s updates to your computer. Do you run a security-hole ridden unpatched OS, or install the shakey updates from the same lax programming that brought us the problem in the first place? I once had an update that crippled my computer for 6 months after installing. Granted it ended up being a hardware conflict, but the machine ran fine until installing their updates.

Now, we have something we can truly be angry at microsoft about: Their latest update, kb908531, can break IE, Office, Explorer, Excel, and several other programs. On my computer, domains stopped resolving unless I added http:// in front of it first. This type of problem is almost impossible to google; try searching ‘domain doesn’t resolve without http://’, ‘internet explorer http stopped working’, ‘url no longer works without http ie’, etc. in google and see how frivilous it is. Thanks to this digg thread, I happened to stumble upon this solution:

If you run Hewlett Packard’s Share-to-Web software, nVidia shell extension GUID’s, Kerio Personal Firewall, Roxio DragToDisc / Adaptec DirectCD shell extension, or SolidWorkds 3D CAD products shell extension, all very popular programs, microsoft will break some aspect of your computer. It takes a complicated registry fix (scroll to the bottom for a downloadable patch for easier updating) just to get your programs working again. I was running HP’s share to web software which caused this.
Thanks to claydawg for fixing this for us, and Booo to Microsoft for releasing shoddy software updates!


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