I was able to fix this using this command in terminal:

apachectl configtest

This allowed me to test my config files and diagnose what was wrong with them.

-Original Post-

I have lots of cool web content served via Apache on my mac running tiger. I run a test server environment, MAMP, and a production server using tiger’s personal web sharing and entropy (a php server for os x). They used to run fine together, each on different ports, but now MAMP’s apache is always on (can’t shut it off via mamp’s app, and apache is already started on program launch), and
when I click “start” for personal web sharing in system preferences > sharing, it spins and spins as if it’s trying to start but remains grey and never becomes highlighted.

My HD is corrupted I think, spotlight has stopped functioning and mail’s search is malfunctioning. Still, I think the machine has somehow confused the two apaches, when I run sudo apachectl start (thanks to a ‘web sharing won’t start up’ thread here)I get an ‘httpd (pid 219) already running’ error.

Anyone’s help is appreciated while I deal with applecare’s worsened support hours.