December 2006

Easily control system volume in windows XP [solved]

Switching to a PC for my new job, I miss the volume keys on the mac for when I’m listening to music with headphones. “I bet I can find a utility that assigns a shortcut key to the plus and minus keys on the number pad,” I thought. I tried one utility, but the beep it made was deafening, and editing the wav file that came with the application didn’t help. Time to do more googling.

Enter Volumouse. Holy crap, this thing’s better than a shortcut key. You control the volume with a modifyer key (or click) and the scroll wheel. I have it (default) assigned to control the system volume when I hold down alt and scroll or hold down left click and scroll. This thing is awesome!
via Lifehacker (which is also awesome).

No Flash Sound in OS X [solved]

Reinstalling Flash twice didn’t help…How am I going to watch my dailymotion, youtube and milkandcookies videos??

This person had the answer:

Some app is switching the audio Khz to 96, which flash just doesn’t even attempt to play. I think it might be Audacity that does it. Change it back to 44 Khz.