Open Declaration/Include doesn’t work in PHPEclipse [solved]

On most machines that I use PHPEclipse, I can control click on a method, function or include and open it immediately. F3 does the same thing. On my Eclipse installation in parallels, this doesn’t work. I’m not sure why – I followed the instructions here:
and it still doesn’t work. I thought it was parallels acting up initially but now I think my Maven configuration is misconfigured and interfering with it, because I get errors building the workspace when I save files.

Yay, I fixed it by updating eclipse, maven, ajdt, and phpeclipse. FYI PHPeclipse’s new automatic site update URL seems to be here:

SQLyog questions [unsolved]

Hey, I have some questions that would help me work faster.

In SQLyog, or MYSQL in general, is there any way to quickly view the last, say, hundred rows of a table automatically? You know, without having to select count(*) from the table (which gives me 2469207), then make a select * … LIMIT 2469107, 100; ?

Also, in PHP Eclipse, I like how I can paste in an SQL statement into a string, then hit enter and have Eclipse add end and start quotes and an append operator (.) at the end of the line automatically, to make my SQL statement pretty.

My question is, when I’m debugging, a lot of times I have to put that statement back into SQLyog (or MySQL Query Browser, or whatever). Is there a way to have one of these programs *remove* those quotes for you?

Note: One trick I’ve been seeing programmers do lately is open double quotes, paste in the SQL as a paragraph on a new line, make another line break, and then close the quotes with a semicolon to make the code block easily copy and pastable. The problem is that I’ve seen the SQL query blow up in PHP every once in a while when the SQL query starts with a new line. It happens erratically so I’m still trying to replicate it. Meanwhile this sqlyog product enhancement would be sweet.
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To make this post worth reading, here are two eclipse tricks I recently found out about:

If you’re using CVS, and you go to Team > Show Annotation, and use QuickDiff, you can see line by line who last edited that line. This would be great for project managers or for getting help from fellow coders!

And to indent a bunch of code, you can highlight it all and hit tab to indent it more, or shift-tab to indent it less.