Here’s a tutorial on how to fix venetian blinds with their own parts. It involves shortening them.

blinds before after

My cats like to look out the window, blinds be damned. They’ve crawled through and destroyed most of the blinds in my apartment.

blinds broken

I went to home depot and asked if they sold the individual plastic pieces to fix blinds, and they didn’t. I would have had to buy full new blinds, but using this method didn’t have to buy anything. Otherwise I’d be out of most of my apartment security deposit.

You’ll need: scissors and something pokey.

There are two plastic pegs on the bottom of the bottom bar. Pull those out.

blinds pegs

Inside is the knot that stops the pull string from being pulled through. Cut it off.

blinds pull string knot

Unthread the pull cords from the bottom bar and bottom blinds up to the last blind that’s broken. Slide out the broken blinds.

blinds pull out broken pieces

Now you have a gap where the blinds used to be. But my blinds were too long for my window – actually most of them were in my apartment.

blinds gap

Grab some of the extra full ones from the bottom. If your blinds aren’t too long, decide if you’re ok with shortening them a little. Also, check around and see if your apartment has any other ‘donor’ blinds that are the same size that you could use.

blinds bottom extras

Now just slide the donor blinds into the missing spots.

blinds slide extras in

Slide the bottom bar into the lowest unused rung of the laddars. Now, this is the only remotely hard part: Thread the pull cord back through the blinds and into the bottom bar. The pokey comes in handy for this.

Then, cut off the excess bottom ladder below the bottom bar.

blinds cut extra

Tie a knot in each of the pull cords inside the bottom bar. Try and make them even with each other, keeping in mind that when you yank on them you pull each drawstring at the top up. Cut off the excess pull cord, stuff the excess cord back into the bar and plug the holes back up with the pegs.

Ta daaaaaaaaaa!

blinds fixed

Now the blinds are probably actually the right size too. Remember to clean them too while you’re at it! :)