Disable OS X Lion’s “is an Application Downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?” message with Onyx [solved]

What a Vista-like message. Apple warns you every time you open almost any kind of file that was downloaded from the internet, which is MOST files these days. There doesn’t seem to be any way to turn it off. It happens with applications, php files, even HTML and jpg files. As a PHP programmer, I can’t stand seeing this message every time I open files that I coded MYSELF. It severely interrupts my workflow.

The commonly suggested method of using terminal to write to defaults does NOT work for me:
defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO

There is another method of manually removing the quarantine flag of the files that you download each time you download them, but this would take more time than just clicking ok in the stupid dialog.

What did work for me was downloading the latest version of Onyx and unchecking the internet warning checkbox. Thank you, Titanium Software!

Note that this does make your computer more susceptible to viruses and trojans if you visit risky sites or blindly open unknown applications. For users like me, this is preferable to the condescending, interrupting workflow Apple has been increasingly favoring lately.

Cancel or Allow?

Sync Firefox bookmarks to the iPhone with Foxmarks

I’ve tried a few browser bookmark syncing services in the past, but I’m really impressed with Foxmarks, for their Firefox, Safari, and IE support.
As a bonus, once I set up foxmarks for Safari, and then synced my iPhone, my firefox bookmarks transferred to my iPhone.
Lifehacker recommends an app, O-Marks, for using foxmarks to sync your bookmarks over the air:
But I find just opening up Safari every once in a while and syncing the iPhone works well enough for me.

Read Safari on the iPhone while lying down (rotation workaround) [solved]

As neat as the accelerometers on the iPhone are for switching between portrait and landscape modes, it gets to be annoying as hell trying to read when you’re lying down. You naturally hold the phone sideways when you’re lying down, and then the screen rotates, turning the text 90° away from you in landscape mode. You rotate it back and it rotates the screen 90° away again. The makers of the eReader application have already noticed this was a big issue and corrected it with a lock orientation setting. Safari, however, still does not have this.

I just figured out a workaround: lie down and turn the phone horizontally so that it goes into landscape mode. Then, continue rotating the phone upside down. Unlike the photo application which will display photos upside down, Safari will only rotate 270° and will remain in landscape mode, so you can comfortably read google reader in bed.

Considering gmail and google browser sync for organizing email and bookmarks [unsolved]

I hate switching email addresses, so I’ve been avoiding gmail for a long time…The more I play with it, the more impressed I am though, and all my friends are on chat.
I’m sick enough of yahoo’s horrible search options (the refine options are great, but I can’t find any easy way to quickly search from:someone and with the subject:something else).
It’s also been occurring to me that the email I have on web based services has been the safest and most reliable of any email I’ve had; I’ve lost thousands and thousands from old dead hard drives.
I found this article on uploading ALL of your old mail to gmail, including old outlook PST files and yahoo accounts using IMAP, which makes me definitely want to try using it. (Where was that email I wrote my sister in 2001…damn you outlook search!)
I’m also looking for a way to sync my bookmarks between all browsers. Some people are using gmail for that as well. I’m sick of using Delicious. I’m looking into Google Browser Sync but it’s only for firefox — I use several browsers. I hear foxmarks is good too. I’m just sick of having bookmarks all over the place. I’ll post more as I find better solutions.

Safari Bookmarks Exporter will supposedly sync all browsers with your safari bookmarks, and .Mac and iSync will sync safari bookmarks across multiple macs. Still looking for a FAST web based solution though.

Weird Psychedelic Graphics with Leopard 10.5.2 update [unsolved]

Um, WTF?

psychedelic graphics error

I installed the Leopard 10.5.2 update today and tonight my computer started wigging out. It happened when I was copying files from a USB thumb drive, but continued after I ejected it and quit all applications. I got a screen shot of it which tells me my graphics card is not on the fritz and my computer is not overheating (because it was software related). Today I installed the newest build of parallels (5584), the newest build of webkit, and the 10.5.2 Leopard update, so it’s hard to tell what caused it.

The apps I had running were:

Finale 2008
MOTU Audio monitor
Google Desktop
Logic Pro

I have no idea what caused it. Anyone else experiencing this?


Immediately after you install the 10.5.2 update, if you run software update again, you get an option to install the Leopard Graphics Update 1.0. Whether or not this fixes this problem time will tell.

Open a password protected zip file in OS X [solved]

The Archive Utility in OS X is great but accepts no parameters, so it’s impossible to open a password protected zip file with it. When you double click on it it says “Unable to unarchive ‘name of’ into ‘directory’. (Error 1 – Operation not permitted.) In Safari, the download will say “Decompression failed”.

Instead, open up terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and cd to the directory the zip file is in, such as:

cd ~/Downloads


cd ~/Desktop

Then, type:

unzip -P [password]

where is the zip file and [password] is your password.

Then you can launch the file with open, or run

open .

to open the current folder in the finder to double click on your unzipped file.

slashdot feed [solved]

This was fixed in leopard.

Original Post
I hate how every mac has feed:// in its safari autocomplete history from its initial install, but not, so when you type for the first time it automatically goes to the feed.