‘No access’ greyed out for user Everyone in Leopard File Sharing [unsolved]

This is a follow up to my previous post about locking the system out of itself by trying to set “Everyone”‘s priveledges to “no access” via get info and locking Leopard out of its own system.
I recently discovered that my file sharing is not behaving like it is supposed to. “Everyone” having “read only” access indeed SHARES ALL OF MY FILES with read only access and no password required. If you try and set “Everyone” to “no access” via get info like I previously described, when you reboot Leopard fails to launch and the Leopard install disk cannot repair the permissions. (See my previous post for my fix).
But when I try and change the read only access for Everyone, “no access” is greyed out:
Leopard does not let you choose no access for Everyone
This is a huge bug apple!! Leopard has downgraded the ability to share files with a password.

Considering gmail and google browser sync for organizing email and bookmarks [unsolved]

I hate switching email addresses, so I’ve been avoiding gmail for a long time…The more I play with it, the more impressed I am though, and all my friends are on chat.
I’m sick enough of yahoo’s horrible search options (the refine options are great, but I can’t find any easy way to quickly search from:someone and with the subject:something else).
It’s also been occurring to me that the email I have on web based services has been the safest and most reliable of any email I’ve had; I’ve lost thousands and thousands from old dead hard drives.
I found this article on uploading ALL of your old mail to gmail, including old outlook PST files and yahoo accounts using IMAP, which makes me definitely want to try using it. (Where was that email I wrote my sister in 2001…damn you outlook search!)
I’m also looking for a way to sync my bookmarks between all browsers. Some people are using gmail for that as well. I’m sick of using Delicious. I’m looking into Google Browser Sync but it’s only for firefox — I use several browsers. I hear foxmarks is good too. I’m just sick of having bookmarks all over the place. I’ll post more as I find better solutions.

Safari Bookmarks Exporter will supposedly sync all browsers with your safari bookmarks, and .Mac and iSync will sync safari bookmarks across multiple macs. Still looking for a FAST web based solution though.

Aluminum iMac display waking on its own [unsolved]

Anyone else having this problem? In the last month or so my display will wake on its own. It’s kinda creepy at night. I’m not running any remote control software.
This hasn’t happened since my vine server break in several months ago, but I uninstalled vine.

SIP Firewall breaks VPN [unsolved]

While clicking “Disable SPI Firewall” in my netgear router fixed iChat, it broke my work VPN. I’m not sure if this is because I’m using static IPs or parallels or what. But I actually had to enable SPI Firewall to get my connection to my work VPN working again. Oh well, so much for iChat.

Weird Psychedelic Graphics with Leopard 10.5.2 update [unsolved]

Um, WTF?

psychedelic graphics error

I installed the Leopard 10.5.2 update today and tonight my computer started wigging out. It happened when I was copying files from a USB thumb drive, but continued after I ejected it and quit all applications. I got a screen shot of it which tells me my graphics card is not on the fritz and my computer is not overheating (because it was software related). Today I installed the newest build of parallels (5584), the newest build of webkit, and the 10.5.2 Leopard update, so it’s hard to tell what caused it.

The apps I had running were:

Finale 2008
MOTU Audio monitor
Google Desktop
Logic Pro

I have no idea what caused it. Anyone else experiencing this?


Immediately after you install the 10.5.2 update, if you run software update again, you get an option to install the Leopard Graphics Update 1.0. Whether or not this fixes this problem time will tell.

Weather Dashboard Widget won’t stay open [unsolved]

My dashboard widget keeps disappearing in Leopard. I’ll load it into dashboard, hit keep, set my zipcode, and close dashboard. When I hit dashboard it loads again, but after a reboot it disappears again.
I’m not sure if this is a Leopard thing or a Google Desktop thing (it installs its own widgets). I think my configuration is messed up because once it was partially of the screen. Anyone know how to manually edit your dashboard configuration file?

I was able to hack a solution to this by running this command in terminal:
defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES

That allows you to hit F12, click and hold a widget, and hit F12 again to drag it ‘out’ of widgets and onto the desktop. I did that, ran killall Dock, did the reverse, and ran killall Dock again, and it seems to be fixed. Weird.

Fail, it’s gone again.

Major HDTV lag with Guitar Hero, Donkey Konga and DVDs [unsolved]

I went over to my friend’s house to play our first guitar hero 3 battle for wii, mode only to start sucking immediately even though I play on expert and my friend plays on medium. “WTF?” I said. My friend was like “well I think you were sucking is all” but I thought I was going crazy. Was my wiimote malfunctioning?

Then I noticed the notes were coming down later than the music and started playing early and got a little better, but the lag was horrible. I asked him if he’d ever calibrated the game and he said no, so I calibrated it and the delay changed from 0 ms to a whopping 115 ms. Then I was able to play perfectly if I payed more attention to the music than the screen, but my friend had gotten used to playing before the notes hit so it messed him up to play on the beat. He tried calibrating again, but he hit the notes before the downbeat like he was used to playing, so the game recalibrated to 0 ms. We kept trying to recalibrate, but guitar hero must quantize the delay to either to 0 or to 115 because that’s what we kept getting. We compromised and set the calibration manually to 75 ms, which was manageable for both of us, but I had to play a little earlier than I was used to.

My friend has an LG HTDV. I’m not sure what model it is. I have an infocus SP5000 projector. When I play at home, there is 0 latency, though fast moving notes motion blur a little. His LG though has a very noticeable delay.

I had brought over donkey konga as well to show him the game, and plugged it in, but it was unplayable. I could compensate on the easy (monkey) songs if I played an eighth note ahead of the beat, but on the harder (gorilla) songs it was impossible. Unfortunately, donkey konga is an older game and there was no option to calibrate. My friend said it was fun and played it like he played guitar hero, but I feel bad for him, because he can’t play any of his music games on the beat with his TV. He says he thinks of it like conducting, where you make the motion ahead of the music, but as a drummer it makes me insane trying to play ahead of the notes.

After we were done playing games, we watched a movie, and I noticed that the movie sync was off with the sound as well. I didn’t bother mentioning it to him – he probably has never noticed and I didn’t want him to feel any worse about his expensive equipment.

I did find a website here about HTDV Lag – although after his tests, the author actually recommends a LG model. It must be a different one than my friend had.

Anyway, buyer beware, an HTDV may look great but you may not notice until after your warranty has expired that the display can have a huge lag. You’re not going crazy and that might be the reason you suck at guitar hero.

Leaving this as unsolved unless someone can tell me how to fix my friend’s LG HDTV.

Too bad you’re here probably because you’ve already bought a laggy HDTV and are searching for a solution.

I did find more info on AVS forum about the problem, which suggests to try to send signal to the HDTV that is in its native resolution so that it doesn’t have to rescale. I will ask my friend if he’s using the wii component cables and 480p which might help a little, but wii owners may be particularly out of luck as the wii does not produce full HD signal.

The article also suggests this device that will solve the problem, but at $2000 you’re better off selling your TV and buying a new one, unless your crazy TV cost way more than that.

Vine Server Security Exploit and Leopard Incompatibility [unsolved]

I’m not happy with Leopard’s built in VNC server – no clients can seem to connect to it. Some clients can connect if you set the color settings to full color or automatic color, but then it’s slow and unresponsive.
So I was surfing around for free OS X VNC servers and tried vine server:
OS X Vine Server (formerly osxvnc)
When you launch the app, the server starts immediately with no password protection. I did set a password, and it worked decently. Then I tried launching the server as a system service, and the application crashed. It would neither force quit nor respond so I just left it alone.
Then, this morning, I saw someone connect and move my mouse around. The computer would “wake up” when they connected and they tried to go to the address bar in safari and double clicked. I immediately unplugged the ethernet and rebooted, and then uninstalled the program.
I wrote about the bug here:
Vine Server Security Exploit
I’m not sure if this is a bug similar to RealVNC’s authentication vulnerability or if the combination leopard incompatibility / default blank password bug was the problem, but in any case I recommend NOT using this program until this is fixed.

This is the second time I’ve personally been hacked via VNC. The first was in a different part of the country, two years ago, on a PC using the RealVNC exploit. Clearly people have VNC scanners and search for open computers. I recommend NOT using the default port 5900, and testing your computer thoroughly for security.

I’m still looking for a good free remote desktop app for OS X. I like timbuktu but hate having to install the client everywhere. They should really make a web based client for it.

Leopard to Leopard iChat video iChat does not work: Communication Error [partially solved]

It seems Parallels desktop is one of the culprits in ichat’s video woes; it messes up with its NAT networking somehow. After turning off parallels desktop, my friends and I were able to video chat. The terrible quality can now be blamed on comcast, though setting the quicktime streaming to 500k in System Preferences > Quicktime > Advanced seems to help. My friends and I have still not been able to get screen sharing to work using any combination of settings.

Original Post
This one’s a biggie.
My friend and I used to video chat every day. She ran Tiger and so did I. When I upgraded to Leopard we could still chat, and I could use the neat photobooth effects. But then she upgraded to Leopard, and now we can’t video or ichat anymore. We keep getting the same error: “There was a communication error during your chat.” It says that my friend did not respond.
I get the same error when trying to video chat with another friend running Leopard. We’re both running the newest hardware and the newest software and ‘the most sophisticated OS on the planet’. This was one of the most touted features of Leopard, but instead of improving existing functionality it totally breaks it.
I’ve read that it has to do with Apple’s custom NAT/SIP address translations. I’ve tried opening up recommended ports on my router, disabling my firewall, and playing with quicktime streaming settings to no avail. Tiger iChat worked before I did any of this, and so I don’t think that’s the problem.
I bitch about it here, and encourage you to too:
Apple Discussions: Communication Error – audio and/or video
I’m getting really sick of those smug “I’m a mac I’m a PC” ads. They’re not fair, and as you can see by the recent posts on this blog, Leopard has its own share of very large problems!

Leopard Archive and Install Wipes Away Documents [unsolved]

I had a lot of problems installing Leopard, but worst of all, Archive and Install hosed most of my documents.
I got Leopard today from the uptodate program after being backordered a week. I put in the leopard install disk and hit reboot. First I got the starry background and then got a beachball that just spun and spun. Then I hard reboot and it loaded. I chose Archive and Install with preserve user and network settings. After the install process OS X said something like OS X Install unsuccessful. Could not migrate your old user directory. Click here to reboot. So I hit reboot and installed again, this time doing Upgrade. Well, instead of installing over my old installation, Leopard wiped away my user directory, leaving me a partial back up in the Previous Systems folder.
I found my pictures in the iPhoto Library via spotlight. Iphoto Library is a package and doesn’t automatically show up in the new version of iPhoto, but if you right click on your iPhoto Library and do show package contents the pictures are there.
My old mail could be imported from my old Library inside the old users folder.
But Leopard deleted my Desktop and Documents folders. They’re just gone. I would have lost scores, websites, journal entries, papers, videos, songs, and projects if I hadn’t backed up.
Back up before installing Leopard!!

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