I wanted to let you know about an issue I had with your Trial edition. I do not need support with this, but think it is important information for you to have. The Free edition of AVG antivirus has detected and fixed a virus that AVG Trial did not find for me. I installed AVG Trial first, updated it, and did a full system scan and came up with nothing. Frustrated that I found the free version after I found the trial and not wanting my trial to end, I uninstalled the trial version and installed the free version.
Immediately after installing the free version, before installing any updates, the free version detected a virus on my computer, the one I was trying to get rid of! It called the virus backdoor.generic2.vlu and was located in C:\System Volume Information\restore_1\lsass.exe. I found it remarkable that the free version would pick this up and the trial version would not. There was also an undocumented feature, the 'restore access' button, which led me to the system restore function which when turned off, deleted the restore file with the virus and solved my problem.
I thought Free was the same product as Trial minus some enhancements! I'd recommend fixing this for your trial product if you expect people to buy it!
Thanks for solving my problem.